26Ft Box Truck Independent Contractor Jobs near Me

We are looking for an experienced truck driver to serve our supply chain logistics department safely and quickly. Check the box next to the jobs you`re interested in. We are the growing cartage agent in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, AND now also in ORLANDO we need smart and professional local delivery and pickup drivers who own their own trucks. Lift doors are a plus, but not mandatory. Teams of two men are also desperately needed, but not necessary. Vans are also welcome, but the insurance requirements remain the same. The size of your truck doesn`t matter either. 12`, 14`, 16` or 24`-26`. We have itineraries for you. Receive notifications for other 26-foot panel vans Independent Contractor with their own truck job postings. Are you sure you wouldn`t like a free professional resume exam? We operate the entire 70-mile radius of the ORLANDO area. We HAVE the job you want. You will never come here and let someone say, “We have nothing for you today.” The most important thing for us is a commitment to quality service and a commitment to excellence.

We want drivers who can read and understand their delivery orders, drivers who have the hustle and bustle and driving to take care of the cargo of a whole day and make all their pickups and deliveries on time and in compliance with the delivery conditions. ResidentialLocal BusinessGovernmentMilitaryBusiness LoungeHospital / Healthcare By agreeing to submit your resume, you agree (in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy): DESIRED!!! Local independent straight truck contractors with DYNAMISM and AMBITION!!! In addition to our on-site work, we also accept Hot Shot Express deliveries. In most cases, you will be at home every night, although from time to time night races appear if you are interested. . If so, we want to get you here and get to work IMMEDIATELY! Are you on your way to success? Are you motivated to take all the races we give you and then come back for more? The routes are compiled each morning on the basis of a logical route to maximize energy efficiency. Our best drivers have an average of 8 to 15 stops per day. more during peak hours. Our local work covers a variety of areas, including: If you have any questions or would like your data to be removed from our service, please contact us here… .