Yorkshire Housing Tenancy Agreement

If you have any further questions regarding your rental agreement, please contact us. Minor rentals: Tenants aged 16 or 17 can enter into a periodic short-term rental agreement with Yorkshire Housing. This lease is held in trust by a third party until the tenant reaches the age of 18. Before moving to a new home, all our tenants must sign a rental agreement. The lease is a legal document that sets out in detail what is expected of you and what you can expect from Yorkshire Housing. You start as a “startup tenant”. If you meet the responsibilities set out in your lease, it will take 12 months, during which time you will then become an insured tenant. However, if you do not respect your responsibilities, the start-up lease can be extended for another six months, or we can even inform you and ask you to leave the property. These key rental terms are published for reference only and do not constitute a legally binding contract, your actual lease is a legal document, a copy of which must be kept in a safe place. Below you will find the most important terms of our start-up rental agreement (secure short-term rental) and our insured rental agreement. These are the most common types of agreements we use, although there are other types of agreements in some areas.

If you decide to leave your home with the South Yorkshire Housing Association and end your tenancy, it is important that we know this in writing at least four weeks in advance. If you do not comply with the above responsibilities, you will break your lease and we may even take legal action against you. 11) MyLYHA – MyLYHA is our customer login section of the website. You can create an account with your rental reference number (which can be found in your rental agreement and will also be emailed to you when we have completed your rental documents) and your email address. Once you`ve created an account, you can view rental statements, pay your rent with a debit card, report repairs, and update your contact information. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! What are you waiting for? Click here to set up your MyLYHA account now! We conduct pre-rental checks and a home visit, ask for references and identify any need for support in order to create lasting rental relationships. Assured Shorthold (AST) with fixed term: These rentals are for affordable rents and properties rented to Mortgage Rescue clients. They are granted for a fixed period of three or five years, after which the rental is either started for a new fixed period or becomes periodic.

The fact that everyone has the opportunity to live in a quality home that they can afford sets our goal first and foremost to know how we will grow as a non-profit housing association that brings more much-needed housing to the area and a range of services to help people live independently. Please complete our rental cancellation form if you wish to terminate your tenancy with Yorkshire Housing. 4) Your responsibilities – As a tenant of LYHA, it is your responsibility to abide by the terms of your lease. Your neighbourhood agent will email you a copy of your signed agreement. Breach of any of the terms of this Agreement constitutes a serious criminal offence and may result in action taken against you. Make sure you read and understand your lease to make sure this doesn`t happen. Secure rentals: As a housing association, Yorkshire Housing cannot provide secure rentals, but we have safe tenants who have been working at Yorkshire Housing since 15 January 1989. Remember your responsibility as a yorkshire Housing tenant. If you regularly cause unnecessary noise and nuisance to your neighbors, it represents a rent break and you could end up losing your home. 7) Service fee – If you live in a property with common areas such as a common entrance hall or outdoor area; You will have to pay a service fee in addition to your rental which covers the maintenance of these areas.

This will be explained to you as part of your rental offer. You can find information about your service fees on MyLYHA (see below) or in our fact sheet Understanding your service fees. Insured (not short-term) periodic: Used for existing tenants who move to another Yorkshire Housing home or after successfully completing a start-up rental period. 6) Rent – Rent must be paid in full and on time each month. It is your responsibility to ensure this. Failure to comply with rent is a violation of your lease and results in serious actions that, in some cases, can cause you to lose your home. Our preferred payment method is direct debit as it is convenient and secure. To set up a direct debit system, please click here. Here are tips on managing your money and information on who to contact if you`re having trouble paying your rent. You will also find here a consultation on benefits. Barnsley HomeSeeker Calderdale KeyChoice Leeds Homes Register North Yorkshire Homechoice Kirklees Choose `n` Move Wakefield Homesearch Rotherham Key Choices Our staff who need access to your personal data will consult it so that we can offer you our services.

We may share your personal information with third parties: The types of personal information we may collect, use, store and transfer to you may include: 5) Our service standards – Here is a guide to what you can expect from us: Our commitments to customers This Privacy Policy explains what happens to the personal information we send from you in connection with: We acknowledge our obligations under data protection legislation and are committed to keeping your personal data safe. Periodic Insured Shorthold (AST): These rentals are usually valid for an initial period of six months. These.B are used for market leases and for social rents in certain circumstances, for example when Yorkshire Housing rents the property. Our construction agency as well as our HandyTec craftsman service are at your side with tailor-made support, including advice, changes and adjustments. Please let us know if your personal information changes or if you become aware of any inaccuracies in the personal information we hold about you. We ensure that your personal data is only accessible to those who need it for their specific role. Clients are divided into three stripes, with each volume randomly assigned to each empty property. We use reasonable and up-to-date security methods for: 10) Your area – For matters related to municipal tax, garbage collection days, recycling and other local services; You should visit your local council`s website (links listed below).

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